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The Farmer

Danny Lutz is the passionate, food loving farmer of Maple Creek Farms.  He has been a Detroit restaurant owner, bartender, lumber jack, bee keeper, maple syrup farmer, and most importantly an organic vegetable farmer.  Danny & Maple Creek are passionate about growing food for local consumers.  Foods without toxic chemicals that hurt food quality, personal health and the environment.  Factory farms, genetically modified foods, pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers don't work.  Support local farmers and you maintain food choice - the ability to pick what food system YOU want.

The Soil

My soil is my life. Over the years I have tended to it with great care and consideration. Like a newborn baby, I have taken care of her every need. You see my soil is a breathing living being of itself, if it is tended to properly, it is productive, if not the FOOD is not productive to us. Let's get this straight! A healthy vibrant soil system is essential to a quality existence, and healthy Food is a primary part of a better way to live. Here are the foods my soil has been fed over almost two decades. Re-mineralization- I have accomplished this at great cost. Dollar wise, but for me this is money well spent. As a steward of this Land, I have a responsibility to leave it better than I found it. I have accomplished this for my God, and all the folks who look to me for clean, Green food.

Cal-citric lime, azomite, new jersey greensand, Idaho brown rock phosphate, tons of fish fertilizers, and tons of sea kelp, couple this with endless rotations of green manure crops such as rye which chokes out weeds and gives off a alleiopathic compound which naturally prevents many weed seeds from fruition. This also prevents carrots from germinating after a rye cover crop was previously planted. Trust me. I know as experience is the Best Teacher.

Legumes- such as mammoth red clover, alfalfa, hairy vetch, peas, beans, chickling vetch these legumes Naturally grab nitrogen from our atmosphere, which is 70 percent nitrogen, they then put the nodes of nitrogen along the root system, thus replenishing the soils nitrogen for the following crop, another great component of incorporating organic matter into the upper aerobic level is that it is worked into the upper zones of soil thus feeding the more than 100 thousand living organisms living in one teaspoon of my soil. All of my cover crops are inoculated by organic beneficial bacteria.  

With organic soil levels between 3-7 percent here at MCF these are fantastic levels of which I'm very proud. Of course like us my soil gets hungry and with the tons of compost I've produced here at the farm, and the fact that 12 years of having my angus herd rotationally grazed about the farm all of this has been of great benefit to my living soil.

- Danny Lutz